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My anticipation builds as the sweet aroma of the olive oil drenched, roma tomato covered, and mozzarella cheesy goodness wafts out into the cubicles of my small office building. As my delicious neopolitan pizza from the night before heats up in the microwave (the microwave, I know, it seems blasphemous, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do when stuck in an office with no oven and a pizza waiting to be eaten), I hear the chatter from my coworkers stream throughout the room, “who’s heating something up in the kitchen? are you going to share with the rest of us? you went to that place AGAIN?” I proudly waltz into the kitchen to claim my nuked deliciousness, sit back down, and watch the faces drop when I pull out a tupperware container and fill the remainder of my plate with seasoned brussels sprouts.

It is at this point that I lose people, but hear me out. I love food. I love making food, I love eating food, and I loooove talking about food. Few things make me happier than breaking up the midday slump with a slice of pizza perfection, but on par with that happiness is the joy I get from feeling like I’m doing all I can to be healthy and stay that way. I think the best way to start the day off is with activity, whether it be with a heart-pumping run, a walk outdoors (if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere other than a frozen tundra), or a yoga session to get your zen on. At the same time, it is a rare occurrence that my day doesn’t end with something I love, which, when it comes to food, is wide ranging: a piece of dark chocolate, a decked-out cupcake, or a big ol’ bowl of brussels sprouts (did I lose you again? really, give it a chance. they can be great. I’ll explain later).


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